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Forest Bathing

Forest is just fine

This simple formula reduces the extensive research results of Japanese scientists. For decades, they have demonstrated the soothing, relaxing effect of a simple forest walk.

The aromas, the colors, the sights of the forms of wood, roots, bark, trees and shrubs in the middle of a small cosmos of fauna and flora in the forest cause positive things in humans. They take stress, mediate calm, confidence and vitality, strengthen the immune system.

If you want to know more about the topics, you can look to Japan and search under the keyword “Shinrin Yoku“. Translated, this means as much as immersion in the forest atmosphere, in short forest bathing. The Japanese scientists explored that staying in the forest is beneficial to health. This resulted in a recognized new stress management method.

Forest bathing when sleeping

Trees, wood, flavors and their positive effects on humans play a holistic role on Gut Höhne. In the building fabric with natural materials, in the design of the rooms with solid wood furniture and in each individual room, the renewable resource wood is used in its original form.

For example, each bed in the room was hand-crafted in the in-house carpentry and is made from untreated Swiss stone pine, rich in aromatic ingredients for a restful night’s sleep.

In the wellness living room, for example, our guests surround themselves with pure pinewood. From the specially made furniture, the sauna and the floors unfold the flavors. Paired with the view out into the countryside, this completes a forest bathing outdoors in perfection.