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Original wellness and our mindfulness offers

Take a break from the flood of thoughts, leaving hectic and stress behind. Be present in the here and now and consciously perceive the details of the present. That is mindfulness. You only experience how sustainable it is when you try it out. Be curious and get involved in the mindfulness offers at Land Gut Höhne.

Mindfulness meditation

Through mental mindfulness exercises, through concentration and visualization, we focus, the mind comes to rest. With mindfulness meditation we take a look inside and thus counter the hectic life with something effective. Join in or just give it a try. Everyone is welcome, meditation is guided.

Circa 30 to 45 minutes, sitting in a meditation room in comfortable clothes, warm socks. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

8 Euro

Sound meditation

Your mindfulness coach will guide you and the other course participants, they will relax on the mat. Soothing tones rich in overtones (e.g. gong, singing bowls, monochord, rainmaker) flow through the body, soothe the mind and lead to deep relaxation. Everyone is welcome who wants to get involved in new things.

Duration approx. 45 minutes, lying on the mat, comfortable clothes, warm socks. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

15 Euro

Fantasy trip

The participants lie relaxed on their mat, their eyes are closed. The mindfulness coach leads the group with relaxation music accompanied by told fantasy stories to an individual journey with inner images. A wonderful experience of the moment.

Duration approx. 45 minutes, comfortable clothing, warm socks. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

10 Euro

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.


Forest bathing

The mindfulness coach leads through the natural terrain to trees, in the woods, breathing, smelling, hearing, touching, looking and feeling the surroundings. Under guidance, everyone feels their own perception.

Duration about 90 minutes, including final drink. In (almost) any weather. Appropriate clothing and footwear for sometimes rough terrain. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

10 Euro

Feel the foot

A guided mindfulness course. The group walks barefoot on paths through the natural park. The playful and attentive feeling of the surfaces is fun and lets you forget everyday life. Including your own final foot care.

Duration about 90 minutes, mainly in the warmer season. It goes over meadow and sand, over stick and stone. Suitable for everyone and everyone of all ages.  Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

7 Euro per foot


Get to know the beautiful field, forest and meadow surroundings of Land Gut Höhne on a guided hike. It goes over the neanderlandSTEIG into the hilly valley, in the footsteps of the Neanderthals to the Neandertal and back.

Duration about 90 minutes, including a final drink. Please think of appropriate clothing and footwear. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

10 Euro

If you’re in a hurry, take a detour.

ZEN wisdom

Inner energy exercises

Qi Gong

Secret Element Qi Gong combines the millennia-old Chinese health method Qi Gong with modern scientific knowledge from kinesiology. The exercises are led by Qi Gong teachers. With the soft, flowing movements while standing, everyone feels inside. It’s about your own perception, letting go, relaxing and enjoying yourself without any pressure to perform.

Suitable for beginners as well as for experienced users. Duration about 55 minutes. If the weather is suitable or if there is a predominant wish, Qi Gong is also practiced in the park. Registration required. Appointment by arrangement.

15 Euro


Yoga is an ancient method of training body and mind. The origin is in India. Our mindfulness yoga focuses on mindfulness exercises, depends on the individual requirements of the participants and includes influences from the Kundalini or Vinyasa style.

Duration about 90 minutes. Suitable for everyone, even for inexperienced people or for beginners who want to easily get to know yoga. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

18 Euro

The longest path also begins with the first step.



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Holistic massage alternatives


In a single application, gently moving and touching your personal Yurashi user on the couch or mat releases and tightens muscle blocks. The body is carefully weighed with gentle stroking, pulling and rotating movements. Pure relaxation. Try it.

The guest wears comfortable light clothes and socks. The total duration is approximately 55 minutes, including an initial interview, after-hours rest and a final drink. Please make appointments individually.

90 Euro (Outdoor yurashi plus 20 Euro).

Sound massage

In our sound massage, singing bowls are placed on the clothed body or held close to the body in a single hour, then played gently with the clapper. The resulting vibrations are transferred to the body and act like a fine vibration massage.

The duration is approximately 55 minutes. The guest wears comfortable light clothes and socks. An initial conversation with your mindfulness coach, a rest afterwards, ending with tea enjoyment are included. Please make appointments individually.

90 Euro



Under the lying surface, a warm, flexible natural rubber mat, two nozzles move a jet of water, which can be massaged in different pressure levels. A vitalizing blessing for the entire back body or partial areas.

Self-service, light clothing on a cloth pad, duration 15 minutes per unit. No appointments are required, the chip card must be purchased in advance at the reception or from a wellness employee.

10 Euro

The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts.

Marc Aurel

External (muscular) exercise courses


This whole body workout is mainly done on the mat in the group. It serves to stretch and strengthen the underlying muscles, starting from the pelvic floor, stomach and back. No previous knowledge is required. Just join in.

Duration approx. 45 minutes, loose sports clothing, light shoes or socks. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

10 Euro


Your fitness coach demonstrates that the participants imitate the movements in the water, a joyful, wet fun in warm water.

Approximately 30 minutes in the water, water depth 1.30 m, in swimwear. Registration required, appointment by arrangement.

10 Euro

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