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Even the Neanderthals were sweating

Since the Stone Age, people have used the relaxing and cleansing effects of sweat baths. To do this, you placed stones heated in the fire in a cave and watered them. Similar sweat bath rituals are documented all over the world, in Asia or America. In colder regions, especially in Finland, saunas were cultivated in log cabins with subsequent cooling in the lake.

Heat relaxes holistically

The human body reacts positively to heat. The blood circulation is improved, muscle tension in the whole body is released, the immune system is strengthened. For these reasons, we regularly and with pleasure enjoy the concentrated heat of saunas. Bio saunas and infrared saunas have this effect in common with the classic Finnish sauna. The difference is the temperature and the type of heat.

The hot classic

The classic Finnish sauna heats the dry air in the entire room to 90 to 100 degrees Celsius. The heat enters the body via the air and heats it up. The vessels dilate and blood circulation is promoted, the body begins to sweat.

The gentle alternative

The infrared cabin works like the bio sauna due to significantly lower temperatures. Surface heating elements generate a pleasant warmth between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius with infrared. The energy generated by the infrared radiation penetrates deep into the body, molecules are made to vibrate, resulting in gentle warmth from within. We know this result from the natural infrared radiation of the sun. After a few minutes, the body starts to sweat, it is cleaned deep into the pores and you feel like newborn, fit and vital. Infrared heat is more resource-efficient in consumption, has less strong stimuli on the body, relaxes gently.



Switch on the sauna to heat it up and your high-temperature sauna enjoyment can begin. If you would like to enjoy an infusion, one of our wellness staff will be happy to provide an infusion cup on the hour or half-hour on request. Please add the contents to the water bucket. When not in use, the sauna waits in its warm standby mode.


Sit and sweat on monoliths in the rustic stone grotto. If you like, you can add salt to the steam bath by pressing the button outside the entrance. The combination of warm steam and brine has a relaxing effect on body and soul. The brine on the skin encourages sweating and frees up the airways.


In the Salina-Vita brine vapour log cabin, you can breathe in oxygen and salt – just like a stroll at the seaside. Infrared radiation provides pleasant deep heat. This type of organic sauna is effective even at low temperatures. Once the top button has been pressed, a brine interval lasts around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how you feel.

Saunieren im Wellnesshotel mit Spabereich und Fitness-Studio


In our outdoor sauna, natural herbs are gently spread over the herb evaporator oven. The ethereal scents of seasonal herbs develop together with the heat and water vapour. With a temperature of around 45 to 55 degrees Celsius and humidity of around 28 percent, the infrared deep heat is guaranteed to provide true well-being.

How to relax properly

  • Drink enough mineral water. The heat extracts water from the body.
  • Thoroughly cleanse your body and dry it.
  • Use the saunas as textile-free if possible.
  • In the saunas (except for the steam bath), place a towel under you.
  • As soon as you feel uncomfortable or sick, stop the treatment immediately.
  • Use the Finnish sauna for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes, with a good tolerance a maximum of 3 passes.
  • Use the infrared saunas for a maximum of 25 to 30 minutes and only once a day.
  • Cool your skin with cold water after the sauna bath.
  • Now rest.