Sustainable work by hand and with passion. This principle as well as woodwork craftsmanship itself are part and parcel of our down-to-earth foundations.

From nature to work of art

We work the raw wood ourselves at Land Gut Höhne. However, we can only use our own Land Gut Höhne wood on occasion. Selecting and acquiring the wood is a significant part of the whole process. The wood that we buy in is carefully selected personally by us. Having personal contact with our business partners is important to us, since this way we learn about the different wood and can also discuss the most environmentally friendly transportation methods. Once the selected wood arrives at Land Gut Höhne, it is either stored to season in a specially built room or is processed immediately. The machines, tools and space needed are all there but more important is our enthusiastic carpentry team that puts its skills and heart into working on site with this unique natural material.

Bedded in nature

All of the wooden beds at Land Gut Höhne are solid pine constructions made by our own carpenters. Each one is built by hand from a tree trunk. This quality and the natural characteristics of the pine-wood come together for a special ambience and feeling of comfort in the rooms which every guest feels, consciously or unconsciously. Spending time in a wood-filled space has been shown to slow the pulse – the person is calmer, more relaxed and more convivial.