Sleeping and living

Pure nature feeling.


Comfort for all the senses

Arrive, come back to the elements and simply feel at home The natural construction and design materials, put together by our own handwork team, make it easy. Experience it yourself.

from € 115 per night
1 People
16 m²

Same quality, just smaller in size. Comfort doesn’t require company.

From € 205 per night for 2 guests
1-2 People
30 m²

For fresh air and nature lovers, because the natural park is tangibly close.



Land Gut-Zimmer
From € 210 per night for 2 guests
1-2 People
30 m²

From the upper floors, the view extends over the roofs of Land Gut Höhne to the green surroundings or the soft blue of the sky.

Gutshof Room
From € 255 per night for 2 guests
1-2 People
30 m²

The original Neanderland is reflected in the Gutshof rooms. No frills, just pure nature combined to create a good feeling of living.

Gutshof Room plus bathing-pleasure
From € 290 per night and 2 people
1-2 People
35 m²

The very original Land Gut Höhne style of the Gutshof rooms with natural building materials, solid wood, local dark slate is enriched in these variants by a round bathtub.

From € 245 per night for 2 guests
1-2 People
30 m²

Holiday days can be spent here, but work and leisure time also balance each other out harmoniously in this place.

From € 145 per night
1 People
25 m²

The cooling water right in front of your nose.

From € 355 per night for 2 guests
1-2 People
30 m²

This wellness living room consists of natural walls and conveys a boundless feeling of nature.

From € 380 per night for 2 guests
1-2 People
35 m²

It is the natural building materials and their careful processing that make building biology tangible.


Space for well-being

When the occasion calls for that little bit extra, we recommend our wellness suites, for private spa pleasure. Despite different design and location, they all live up to providing you with a very individual feeling of comfort and happiness.

From € 480 per night for 2 guests
1-2 Personen
40 m²

Private wellness, the park view and the proximity to the outdoor pool make feel-good experiences possible.

From € 510 per night for 2 guests
1-2 Personen
60 m²

Feel good in the green area. This wellness suite offers space for relaxation, private wellness and enjoyment.

From € 510 per night for 2 guests
1-2 Personen
60 m²

Treat yourself to your own blue hour at any time of the day. With space and private wellness.

Pool Wellness Suite
From € 510 per night for 2 guests
1-4 Personen
60 m²

Private wellness with lots of space and water, for two or with children.

Wellness-Suite 2Raum
From € 540 per night for 2 guests
1-2 Personen
60 m²

As soon as you arrive in the room, you can feel the warm feel-good atmosphere like a welcome hug.


Wellness and sport

As a portmanteau of the words wellbeing and fitness, wellness is an essential part of our concept.

Two outdoor bio-saunas, the Finnish sauna and indoor steam baths make up our sauna range. These, together with the fitness studio, complete with Space Curl, the sensual rooms, relaxation areas, Kneipp foot-baths, showers and pool, are all part of the Neandertal Therme spa.

  • Pool with retractable glass roof
  • 3 warm pools
  • Finnish sauna
  • Soleum (steam grotto)
  • Brine steam sauna
  • Bio-sauna
  • 3 sensual rooms
  • 4 relaxation areas
  • 32 strength & endurance fitness machines
  • 1 Space Curl

Mindfulness is an escape from the stresses of everyday life while perceiving the details of the here and now. Once you try it, you’ll appreciate the long-term benefits. Give in to your curiosity and give it a go.

  • Qi gong
  • Yoga
  • Yurashi
  • Sound massage
  • Forest bathing
  • Feel the Foot
  • Meditations

Surrounded by fields and forest, open-air sport, exercise and activity are a priority at Land Gut Höhne See for yourself how diverse our outdoor sports options are in the warmer months:

  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Table tennis
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Riding
  • Golf

Restaurant and breakfast

Top-quality dishes, an elemental atmosphere and warm hospitality await at the buffets.

At the live-cooking buffets in the Gutshof restaurant, you can watch the culinary artists at work. For the sushi creations too. Freshly delivered, freshly prepared, organic and as regional as possible: that’s the menu at Land Gut Höhne.

Breakfast is included in your room booking. On offer from 7am (WE: 7:30am) are, for example, whole-wheat breads, homemade jams, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, our own smoked salmon, cheese and eggs, also fried or scrambled on request.

As well as the buffet, you can also enjoy the best sushi in the Gutshof restaurant. Sake don, sashimi, soups, salads and other Japanese delicacies are all freshly prepared. Japanese master chefs create the dishes live.

Sustainable craftsmanship

Natural materials such as wood, natural stone and clay are used in the construction and design of the rooms, with the conservation of resources in mind.



As true to nature and detail as our description and pictures of the rooms are supposed to be, you may still have questions about them. In the frequently asked questions listed below you will surely find your question answered.

Wellness double room/wellness suite bookings and all packages can be cancelled free of charge up to 8 days before arrival. With free cancellations for Single/double rooms, Land-Gut, Gutshof- pool-feeling/and Pool rooms on the day of arrival.

Check-in is at 3 p.m. Rooms are generally ready to move into then. On the day of departure, check-out is until 11 a.m.

We charge 75 euros each for an earlier arrival or later departure on the day itself. Except in the room types Wellness-Wohnstube und Suiten. Depending on the daily occupancy and demand, half to the full overnight price is charged.

In any case, we can only offer an early arrival or a late departure at short notice and only if there is availability.

No, not more. We also like dogs very much. However, after decades with this offer, we have recently decided to no longer allow dogs or other pets in the rooms. The behavior of “dog and master” has changed drastically on average, so that the cleaning effort has become disproportionate and unacceptable for our team. Now we have pulled the ripcord. On request, however, day guests with a dog can be assigned certain areas of the restaurant or foyer.

Yes, various rooms or suites are suitable for families or friends travelling together: 4-bed suites as well as accommodation consisting of two en-suite double rooms with a common main door in front.

A wellness bag with a robe and sauna towel is provided in your booked room for each guest. Simple, sustainable flip-flops are available from Reception for €3,50. Birkenstock shoes can be purchased in our shop.