Naturally. Organic. Different.

Workshops, conferences, events

Your meeting at Land Gut Höhne will be particularly effective thanks to our natural, original orientation. The good location, the technical equipment and our passionate professionals contribute to providing you with the best possible support in achieving your conference goal.

Make your event something special. New conference technology, healthy organic food and conference support are standard.

Confe­rence rooms

16 conference rooms, varied in terms of size, position and function, provide space for 2 to 40 persons or more. Fresh air, patios, the park, building biology, ambience, gastronomy and creative ideas allow the content of your conference to take long-lasting effect.

  • For outdoor types: with patio or in the park
  • For small gatherings: concentration with few distractions
  • For plenty of downtime: integrated break areas
  • For creative types: rooms with bar, fireplace, kitchen

For outdoor types

Fee 1300 euro/day
max. 150 Pers.
  • 4K projector and screen
  • Sennheiser microphone, Bose intercom
  • Own patio
  • Ceiling height 265 cm

Conferences in a real knightly ambience with attached patio and garden views.

Fee 800 euro/day
max. 40 Pers.
  • Projector and screen
  • Air-conditioning
  • Patio with views
  • Integrated stage
  • Ceiling height 280 cm

This multifunctional room is accessed via stairs and, with its patio and stage, offers plenty of leeway for ideas.

Fee 800 euro/day
max. 30 Pers.
  • Own terrace with sun-shade
  • Projector and screen
  • Air-conditioning
  • Ceiling height 259 cm

Light, bright room with modern technology, on the first floor. Can be divided into two rooms.

Fee 700 euro/day
max. 10 Pers.
  • large TV
  • stove, sofa, break area
  • wooden patio

This converted construction trailer made of wood and glass, in the midst of the natural park, has an unconventional, open feel.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 3 Pers.
  • Light-flooded conservatory with electronic blinds
  • In park
  • 11m² wooden patio

This small, light-flooded room offers allows you to get up close to nature. For limitless working.

For small gatherings

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 6 Pers.
  • Large windows with garden views
  • Large wooden desk
  • Ceiling height 230 cm

Retreat for intensive discussions, with open views of the inner garden from the windows.

Fee 300 euro/day
max. 10 Pers.
  • Mobile projector and screen on request
  • Central location
  • No direct daylight
  • Ceiling height 245 cm

Central location in the foyer, screened off through windows; perfect for workshops or small-group discussions.

Fee 300 euro/day
max. 4 Pers.
  • Mobile projector and screen on request
  • No direct daylight
  • Central location in foyer
  • Ceiling height 245 cm

This room is perfect for concentrated discussions in a discreet atmosphere.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 12 Pers.
  • Projector and screen
  • First floor via stairs
  • Access from entrance area
  • Ceiling height 280 cm

Where lofty ideas can take shape. The chickens have moved out of this former coop. It’s home now to the best-laid plans.

For plenty of downtime

Fee 1000 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • Projector and screen
  • Air-conditioning
  • Roomy vestibule for breaks
  • Can be divided into two rooms, staired access to park
  • Ceiling height 280 cm

Generously sized room with half-round window façade and spacious break room for plenty of downtime ideas.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 15 Pers.
  • Projector and screen
  • Air-conditioning
  • Integrated vestibule for breaks
  • Break-time buffet possible
  • Ceiling height 282 cm

Atmospheric room with monoliths and view of grassy roof area for a work climate inductive to intensive learning.

Fee 800 euro/day
max. 40 Pers.
  • Projector and screen
  • Ground-level access
  • Covered patio
  • Vestibule for breaks
  • Ceiling height 305 cm

With built-in castle ambience. Ground-level, with its own little break room and covered outdoor space.

For creative types

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 8 Pers.
  • 20 m electronically-controlled skittles alley
  • Balls in various sizes
  • Whiteboard
  • Outdoor area open to the courtyard
  • Ceiling height 280 cm

The game of skittles or bowling originated in ancient Germanic times and is still a lot of fun today.

Fee 1300 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • Tables, lounge, bar
  • Seats beside the fireplace and stove
  • Own patio
  • Ceiling height 265 cm

Anything but run-of-the-mill. For long-lasting, genuine, colourful experiences.

Fee 700 euro/day
max. 22 Pers.
  • Open fireplace
  • TV
  • Sound system
  • Ceiling height 280 cm

A space for experiencing, with large windows overlooking the courtyard, long wooden table and space for creativity.

Conference packages

You tell us what you need and we tie it all together as a customised conference offer.

The Denk-Kraft-package promotes productivity with: organic brain food, a good night’s sleep, natural ambience, fresh air and a creative framework programme.


Our conference packages offer numerous benefits. Plannable and put together as an overall package, the offers hide sophisticated concepts that get the best out of us for our guests.

Services included

From € 90/day and person

  • Seating format: depends on your purposes
  • Equipment: Projector, flip chart, pin board (including Neuland markers in various colours, pins, flip chart and pin board paper)
  • Sustainable conference equipment
  • Leather desk pads and wooden pens per place
  • On prior arrangement, an assistant is available by telephone from arrival
  • Joint inspection and end-check of the conference room, etc. on day of event
  • Reception and direction of the guests
  • Conference debriefing

The following organic refreshments are included in the Denk-Bar package:

  • Freshly ground coffee
  • pure teas
  • Apple juice and water

Available in the rooms, during breaks and at the midday live-cooking buffet.

The following range of brain foods is provided in the morning break:

  • organic bread selection
  • 3 vegan dips
  • homemade banana bread and granola bars
  • organic yoghurts
  • nut mix, dried fruit and vegetables from the jar
  • a fruit basket
  • and 2 smoothies (fruit and veg)
  • Ingredients: seasonal, preferably regional and from species-appropriate husbandry
  • Selection of appetizers (salads, raw fruit and vegetables, vegetarian, vegan)
  • Main courses with meat and fish specialities prepared à la minute
  • Or vegan dishes
  • Selection of desserts with organic ice-cream

The following range of brain foods is provided in the afternoon break:

  • Fruit & nut trail mix
  • Organic yoghurt
  • Nutritious sweet treats
  • Jars with fresh and healthy goodies

Services included

Additionally bookable

  • Selection of appetizers (salads, raw fruit and vegetables, vegetarian, vegan)
  • Main courses with meat and fish specialities prepared à la minute
  • Or vegan dishes
  • Selection of desserts with organic ice-cream

Beverage package for 3 hours, €40/day and person

  • Soft drinks (organic lemonades: cola, lemon, orange)
  • Land Gut Höhne table water
  • Organic coffee and teas
  • Land Gut Höhne pilsner & altbier
  • Organic house wines (white & red)

Overnight stay from €160/day and person

  • Choose from our versatile feel-good rooms
  • Prices include breakfast, Neandertal Therme, parking and WiFi.

Organic lemonades (cola, lemon, orange) €12/day

Smoothies, homemade in the morning or afternoon €12/day and person

Hybrid event technology

Video conferences with Clevertouch This 86-inch display with 4K image quality and integrated camera (for video conferences, for example) combines all the necessary technical devices and moderation tools. Projectors, screens, loudspeakers or whiteboards, flip-charts, sticky notes, markers and index cards become redundant. And you save resources such as electricity or paper. Use this tool at your conference in our conference rooms for a usage fee of €300 per day.

Activities to promote the learning targets

Activities for participants bring a bit of variety to a conference. They enhance productivity and perfect the learning benefits. Active or passive movement releases tension, is fun, and brings a smile to people’s faces. How about a neck massage from our wellness staff during a break? Or a sports course in the morning? Team-building games in the great outdoors are proven to make conferences a success and give the participants a memorable experience.

Your sustainable organic-hotel-partner

We consider it sustainable in the best sense of the word to compare our daily thoughts and actions with the consequences for people and the environment.



A lot has to be considered when planning a conference stay and questions crop up. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together the following FAQ. Maybe the answers to your questions are already there.

We can check together to see if the room you have chosen is suitable for your purposes. There are many criteria to consider that may not be apparent at first glance. For that reason, we prefer to make suggestions.

Our GTC foresee a scale of cancellation fees. Up to 90 days before the event, cancellation is free of charge. Up to 45 days before, 30% is charged; up to 30 days, 50%; up to 14 days, 70%; up to 2 days, 90%, 1 day before, 100%.

It depends on the type of conference. If we take attendance of 100 persons in the Gutsherrensaal, we would have to look at the seating layout in conjunction with the type of event and many other details. Many other details about the process are to be discussed.

conference enquiry

Thank you for your interest. Send us your request for a event at Land Gut Höhne. We ask you to please provide as much detailed information as possible, so we can make a much more specific offer. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.




The following components are included in the Denk-Kraft-Package: HD projector/screen, 1 flipchart, 1 pin board, W-LAN


Activities for participants bring a bit of variety to a conference.