Our guiding principles

We have formulated our thinking in a mission and a vision. Based on these values, we design our daily work.

Sustainability mission and vision


Our mission is to serve people respectfully as part of the big picture and to provide the free space that Land Gut Höhne offers to all partners with hospitality, so that everyone can enjoy moments of indulgence that benefit them.


We have set down a vision as a basis for our daily action, which is: Our vision is: We responsibly and successfully create a natural, lively space for people and businesses for sustainable enjoyment, relaxation and development. We are the uniquely different hospitable country estate in the heart of Europe.

Together for the future

In a respectful and cross-generational exchange of ideas, we shape today together with our guests, employees and partner businesses. In doing so, our focus is always on the future. The tried and tested from the past also plays a part in progressive action. In this, the individual opinions of our guests are always welcome. We have created a number of channels for personal contact that can be used to pass information, suggestions and constructive criticism on to us. The best way, of course, is to talk face to face at the hotel. We have designed questionnaires that are sent out by email after departure in a review request. Getting to know the opinions, tastes and experiences of the guests in a well-disposed chat is of great help to us.

A place of interaction

We welcome all who interact respectfully with this special place of Land Gut Höhne and the people who work in it. Just come by, for a short stay or for longer, and create some wonderful memories. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Our sustainable values

Land Gut Höhne lives and breathes. It is in constant movement with the people in it and in stimulated exchange with its surroundings. Strengthened by the new generation that is guiding the family business into the future, everything we do every day reflects our responsibility, expertise and enormous creativity. The wish for future-orientated development and for the continuation of this unique place is deeply anchored in the hearts of the people at Land Gut Höhne. For all the change that Land Gut Höhne is subjected to, the managing directors’ greatest desire is for the values of warmth, sustainability, respect, professionalism, creativity, freedom and tolerance to accompany this meeting place far into the future.

Packages, rooms & suites

Natural materials have been used in all rooms, from the parlor to the wellness suite. The material from renewable wood is often used. This also applies to the beds made of pure solid pine wood – for a holistic sense of well-being.