The origin

You can find out here which parts of the history of Land Gut Höhne and the surrounding area have been integrated into the present day.

Yesterday – today – tomorrow

Where the Neanderthals lived 1000s of years ago, a farm was built in the middle of the 18th century. Situated as it was on a trade route, travellers came by and a guest house was established. The farm, with its little restaurant, has been in the hands of the Reucher family since 1970. The hotel’s own construction team began immediately to work on extensions. Even today, old stones are taken from demolished houses in the area and reused for the hotel’s construction. What we see today is thanks to the creative drive of the owners, now in the third generation. To house authentic and original services and offerings within these stone walls into the future and to implement these responsibly is the main task today of the managing family and the entire team.

Understanding change

Everything develops out of what came before. A look back at history is rewarding when it comes to remaining authentic. By understanding the past and focussing our vision, we have good chances of shaping a more meaningful here and now.

Perfection lies in the origin

In keeping with prehistory and the nearby site where the Neanderthals were discovered, Land Gut Höhne has the word “URSPRÜNGLICH”(elemental/primal) in its logo and flags. It means as it was in the beginning. As we know, all attributes are already present in the very core of things. We can also extract the attributes real, natural, authentic, simple, unadulterated, original, pure. With a surely only slightly idealistic look at the positives, we can see much in the lives of the Neanderthals that we would find worth striving for today. This includes, for example, respectful interaction with nature and its gifts. Offering strangers on their travels hospitality, interest, respect and a warm meal by the fire is something we see as a basic human need which we borrow from the Neanderthals.

Packages, rooms & suites

Natural materials have been used in all rooms, from the parlor to the wellness suite. The material from renewable wood is often used. This also applies to the solid pine-wood beds, for a holistic feeling of comfort.