Thank you, dear partner businesses

For most of the fabulous services with which we provide our guests other people are co-responsible. 

Hercules bakery in Düsseldorf

Johannes Dackweiler is a passionate organic baker. What he wanted as a boy, to learn the baker’s trade, fascinates him to this day. He passes on his experience and knowledge of the traditional bakery trade to interested parties.

Nermins garden in Mettmann

Sometimes Bioland gardener and beekeeper Nermin Ischebeck delivers the vegetables, salads and herbs by e-bike. In close daily coordination with the Land Gut Höhne team of chefs, only what is ready is put on the table and on the buffet.

Heilpraktikerin-Stefanie-Kemper-auf Land-Gut-Hoehnee

Gentle stimulation of the self-healing powers

Using bio-resonance and manual therapies, naturopath Stefanie Kemper promotes the self-regulation of her health-conscious clientele. In a gentle and extraordinarily sensitive way, it sustainably increases your personal well-being. She works as a freelancer in separate rooms at Land Gut Höhne since 2020. She also works as a wellness employee and mindfulness coach in the Neandertal Therme.

Kindels Galloways from the Neandertal

Friends of good meat taste are always a little happier at Land Gut Höhne. When the meat of the Neandertal Galloways from the Kindel family comes fully matured from the Dry Ager and sold at the Gutshof restaurant.

Nature farm Bredtmann

Every egg at Land Gut Höhne comes from happy, free-range organic chickens from the Gut Lüpkeshof farm shop in Velbert-Neviges. Bauer Friedrich-Wilhelm Bredtmann has been a reliable partner and supplier of eggs, poultry and potatoes for years.

Interior & hotel photography

The passion for photography and the feeling for spaces and aesthetics are our strengths. This is reflected in our photos. We are always looking for a challenge, because our hearts beat for interesting and unusual photography projects. When things get tricky, that’s when we’re really fired up.

Blacksmith artist Uwe Hoffmann​

In his workshops, even inexperienced participants forge personal one-offs. The graduate designer and blacksmith is convinced: The craft of blacksmithing is about returning to actual human abilities. Well done fills those who create it with satisfaction. “I’m looking forward to creative work and encounters together at the forge.” His forge is only 12 km/15 minutes by car from Land Gut Höhne.

Versatile sound artist Rolf Predotka

He elicits their atmospheric tones from handpans at festivals, private celebrations, medieval events and at city and company festivals. Depending on the occasion, he also plays hangs, didgeridoos, drums, gongs, monochords, harps, flutes and singing bowls. Interested parties can also arrange group workshops at Land Gut Höhne to get to know and love playing these fascinating sound instruments.

Our motivation

Each of us is co-responsible for shaping our own futures. We have set down what our motivation is at Land Gut Höhne, what our mission and vision are and what the history of this place has to do with that.