Sustainable Viviality.

Function rooms

Our 12 function rooms are as varied as the reasons for a get-together. For two or for a crowd, by the fireplace or on the patio: The choice of room always depends on the occasion, arrangement and your imagination.

  • Natural ambience and ecological design
  • Every room has daylight and windows that open
  • Every room can be darkened using curtains
  • Every room has direct or indirect access to outdoor space
  • Three function rooms have their own patios
  • A sound system can be integrated into every function room at an additional cost.

At the heart of things

Das gute alte Stübchen
Fee 300 euro/day
max. 8 Pers.
  • the origin of Land Gut Höhne
  • separate room in Gutshof restaurant
  • antique wood furniture

Attractive, small room in the Gutshof restaurant, with glass doors for dining with a small group of family or friends.

Bergisches Kaminzimmer
Fee 1000 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • Own large patio with park view
  • Open fireplace
  • Separate bar, only via steps

Thanks to the bar vestibule, patio and fireplace, this room has many design options for unique moments of happiness.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 25 Pers.
  • Delimited by brickwork arches
  • Near buffet and patios
  • Projector and screen optional

Brickwork arches separate the space off harmoniously from the Gutshof restaurant.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 22 Pers.
  • At the Gutshof restaurant patio
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wood floor, half-timbered wall

Naturally beautiful ambience created by means of wood, glass, half-timbering, daylight and the central location.

Kleines Kaminzimmer
Fee 300 euro/day
max. 12 Pers.
  • Close to live-cooking buffet
  • Separated off by a glass/metal wall
  • Fireplace
  • Ceiling height 225 cm

Central, yet separate. Cosy comfort by the fire, for a stylish celebration close to the buffet.

Separate rooms for unique experiences

Fee 1300 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • bar, lounge, tables and chairs
  • own patio, stove and fireplace
  • adjacent kitchen area

The ambience changes with the guests and is unique every time.

Fee 700 euro/day
max. 60 Pers.
  • for cocktails and snacks
  • bar, seating, dance floor
  • patio access

The rusty door swings open, past the Frog Prince, Nefertiti, Harley to an ambience of fun.

Fee 400 euro/day
max. 10 Pers.
  • wooden tables, stools, comfy armchairs
  • 20 m electronically-controlled skittles alley
  • Whiteboard

The ancient Germanic game of skittles still hasn’t lost its appeal.

Fee 700 euro/day
max. 22 Pers.
  • open hearth
  • façade of metal-framed windows
  • direct courtyard access

The long table and candelabras promise hearty, stylish hospitality.

For sweet afternoons

Fee 300 euro/day
max. 8 Pers.
  • naturally beautiful
  • view into the spinning room
  • separated by arched windows and doors

For a wonderful time together. Original hospitality, at a naturally treated wooden table, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Company events

Be it a company event, company outing, Christmas party or anniversary, with customers or with staff – your company celebration at Land Gut Höhne will be sustainable in many aspects. Bring that special element to your event by incorporating our framework programme offerings such as sport or mindfulness courses, guided breaks, archery, skittles or hiking in the Neander valley. We’ll assist you from arrival to departure. Overnight stays will make your company party all the more attractive.

Family celebrations

Make arranging your event for family and friends, for 2 to approximately 40 guests, simple at Land Gut Höhne in the beautiful Neanderland. In the heart of Germany, near the A3, we’re easy to reach from airports and the main train station. We’re more or less equidistant from the north, east and south of Germany. Look forward to leisurely time together with a high-quality party over two or more days and nights, with a seasonal, sumptuous gastronomic offering.

A life without festivals is a long journey without an inn.

Democritus, Greek philosopher
460-370 v.d.Z.


Sustainability is carried over into private parties too. Beyond the organic drinks and the high-quality ingredients from organic cultivation and responsible animal husbandry, the highest standards of resource conservation and the protection of the environment is ever-present in all areas at Land Gut Höhne. This is evident in the natural decorations and the unpretentious design. But individual decorative requests can also be incorporated. You can leave everything to our styling professionals but we’re also happy to put your in touch with our trusted partners ­ or you can just bring your own decorations with you.


The answer will depend on how you want to organise your party (and of course on the current corona restrictions). A maximum of 110 guests can be accommodated with seating at round tables in the Gutsherrensaal, for example.

Our GTC foresee a scale of cancellation fees. Up to 90 days before the event, cancellation is free of charge. Up to 45 days before, 30% is charged; up to 30 days, 50%; up to 14 days, 70%; 1 day before, 90%.

The requested bridal rooms are lovingly arranged with additional outlay in terms of time and expense. We are not able to offer these services free of charge.



Inviting guests and organising a celebration creates wonderful memories but a lot has to be considered. To help you in this, we have put together below a few questions that often come up. Perhaps your question is among them.

Your Events enquiries

Thank you for your interest. Send us your request for a event at Land Gut Höhne. We ask you to please provide as much detailed information as possible, so we can make a much more specific offer. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Events enquiries


At weekends we have a minimum stay of 2 nights or more