Organic and sustainable

We support species-appropriate animal husbandry and ecological cultivation without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Responsible action

Out of a deep conviction, the holistic philosophy set out in the mission and vision of this family-run business strives towards responsible action, with present and future generations in mind, in harmony with nature. In the ecological design and natural materials of the rooms, the selection of ingredients in the kitchens and restaurants at Land Gut Höhne, the services for conferences and business guests, the treatments as part of elemental wellness in the Neandertal Therme, in the separation of waste, the use of green electricity and the selection of cleaning materials: the holistic, ecological approach is present in all areas of operation at the Hotel Land Gut Höhne and is to be implemented in daily actions to the greatest extent possible.

Your sustainable Bio Hotel partner

As a family-run business, we are committed to working responsibly for future generations in harmony with nature. Comparing daily thoughts and actions with the consequences for people and the environment is sustainable in the best sense of the word.

Elemental wellness

We see the true heart of wellness as being in the concept of originality or nativeness. The condition in which all good things were present in their entirety. From our holistic, ecological point of view, natural and authentic qualities are part of this. Thus came about the concept of wellness that relates to the human senses and self-perception. Qi gong, for example, is a 1000-year-old health-promotion method that directs the focus inwards. Going barefoot in summer makes the contact of the foot with the ground palpable. Sensing the gentle vibrations in a sound massage is a feeling that grounds you and allows the time to forget the outside world and everyday life. In short, relaxation through elemental methods and taking this knowledge home with you as experience is pure sustainability.


We are convinced that it is an original human need to create something useful and beautiful together with nature.

Green electricity

Land Gut Höhne strives to reduce its ecological footprint and, together with the Bio Hotels, sets itself objectives. A zero energy balance sheet requires further measures, which in turn take time. Despite extensive savings initiatives, a lot of electricity is still needed for the services we offer. Through the consumption of 100% green electricity from a mix of non-fossil, sustainable energy sources such as wind and water, it is possible from an ecological point of view to conserve resources and leave behind a smaller footprint. Our guests, too, use green electricity both directly and indirectly: in the use of conference equipment and also in charging their electric cars. Charging stations are available at two covered parking spaces.