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  • Entspannung, Ruhe und Glück beim Qi Gong
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  • Aus der Ruhe die Kraft schöpfen - Qi Gong
  • Qi Gong als wohltuende Entspannungs-Übung

Secret Element Qi Gong

A mix of tradition and modernity

Land Gut Höhne has discovered a health and relaxation tool for itself and its guests with Qi Gong that combines millennia-old tradition with modern scientific knowledge: Secret Element Qi Gong is a Qi Gong style, the scientific knowledge from kinesiology in the movement of traditional integrated Chinese health method Qi Gong.

Thus, Qi Gong serves as another course offer that is really suitable for every guest. It gives the participants space for their own self-perception, for the attainment of inner peace. Qi Gong is practiced in the park directly or in classrooms overlooking the green.

Further information in an interview with co-founder Sascha Wagener in the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts blog