Hybrid meetings live & virtual

Bringing live attendees together in one room with virtual over the 86-inch screen has more than one advantage. Such hybrid events not only help to save resources, they also bridge some obstacles, such as distances or corona-related contact restrictions. So there are many reasons to become familiar with the Clever Touch conference tool that we use. Of course we are happy to help with the introduction.

The all-in-one solution for video conferences

Set new standards with Clevertouch. This 86-inch display with 4K image quality and integrated camera (for video conferences, for example) combines all the necessary technical devices and moderation tools. Projectors, screens, loudspeakers or whiteboards, flip-charts, sticky notes, markers and index cards become redundant. And you save resources such as electricity or paper.

As the all-in-one solution, Clevertouch is the answer to every task at every conference, be it a presentation, a multi-media session, brainstorming or interactive group work. Connect your participants interactively via screen-sharing app and the Clevertouch display.

Use this tool at your next conference in our conference rooms for a usage fee of €300 per day.

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