Stay a while and unwind

If you want to leave everyday life, the flood of information and the hustle and bustle behind, then Land Gut Höhne is the right place for you. The package offer ‘Stay a while and unwind’ is aimed at people who are looking for a pleasant rest with stimulating content. To people who want to experience a while with pleasure, exercise and interesting activities. Enjoy the moment, appreciate the time you have to yourself and fill the moment with pleasant thoughts and activities, even if it’s doing nothing. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because exercise, activity and adventure can be added to these days at Land Gut Höhne in addition to the culinary delights.

How the stay can be spent at Land Gut Höhne remains individual and personal in line with the meaning of this special offer. Daily courses offered at Land Gut Höhne are included and can be attended. Content is taken from the original wellness, for example mindfulness courses such as Walden, foot feeling, meditation, imagination journey, yoga and qi gong. Or sporting courses, such as a Pilates course or aqua fit or instruction in the fitness studio. Creative courses are also offered, such as painting, drawing or clay creations. A hydrojet massage bed unit would also be included.

If desired, the team can schedule a sound massage or a Yurashi application as a full hour or introductory offer (both not included in the package price). The team will also be happy to help you plan riding lessons or golf training, or a tee time at a golf club. (In the Düsseldorf Golf Club in Ratingen with green fee discount) or gives leisure tips in the surrounding area on request (entrance fees not included in the package).

Take time to reconnect with all your senses. Click here for more detailed information.