Japanese specialities

Sushi, sake don, sashimi – words like music, dishes like works of art. A feast for the eyes with a treat for the palate.

Japanese specialities

Land Gut Höhne lies directly on the outskirts of Düsseldorf, Germany’s Japantown, so sushi can be regarded a regional delicacy here. But enthusiasts of our outstanding quality and the freshness of our ingredients come from far and wide. Try these little treats for the eyes and the palate once and you’re sure to become a fan. Experts and the curious soon learn what it means to order sake don, sashimi, wasabi or wakame. For everybody else, our illustrated menu will be of assistance. One of the most beautiful and sustainable ways to explore the dishes is to experience and order them live, and to enjoy them with all five senses at high tables with chopsticks and a warmed sake in the Gutshof restaurant. 歓迎 kangei, welcome.

Insights into the art of sushi cooking

Take a portion of handicraft, blend it with a lot of culinary art and combine everything with high-quality ingredients plus time.

Craftsmanship with organic ingredients

Making sushi is an art and craft in the truest sense. Knowing about the origin, selection and composition of the food is one aspect, the right consistency and artful draping is another. The true depth of the millennia-old sushi art remains hidden to most of us. Luckily, you can taste and feel it with every bite.

Table reservations

Would you like to experience the live-cooking buffet at Land Gut Höhne? We’re delighted to hear that. To ensure that we can accommodate your requirements, we ask hotel and day guests to enquire in good time. We’ll respond as soon as possible.


On the special holidays (e.g. Easter, Mother's Day, Pentecost, Advent) we offer you our live cooking buffet with many small surprises for €60.00 per person. We are looking forward to your coming.